A n n i e G r i z z l e

                                                               HEAD BOXES

                                                            the numbing phase or
                                                            the salted state of things
                                                            vulnerability of meat
                                                            stripe scratching stripe
                                                            the moon has six beams
                                                            one reached me
                                                            and was it not so lovely.

                                                OBJECT DEVOTED - FRAGMENT 16

          guilt && hair
          disgust and all the other things
          peeling small citrus fingers
          and or ( entire symphonies )
          interesting fish guts, do you believe in medication?
          I have no choice but to

          all the same patterns
          repeating patterns
          city do not take pins lightly
          being human languages upsetting languages understanding code speaking
          binary equaling 10, if I know BIGA then I know i=2 if then what do i = really (
          ? ) you have to set the map you have to understand simple genetic processing,
          the computer is stupid interpreted. it knows nothing I don’t tell it therefore
          creating, you understand. speaking all these numbers they’re so beautiful, so
          breathing somehow if I could be math I would. something equaling something
          this has nothing to do with, I’m talking about the aesthetics of a thing, this has
          nothing to do with your logic. 1’s and 0’s you can break the whole world down
          to 1’s and 0’s

                                                      meat bones organs hide

                                6 very separate calculations
                                i am moving very slowly now

                    in a similar equation